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Poem 3.1 
 π of  Foreigner 

When I came from 1000 miles to Queen Mary
I thought that he won my heart through this lottery


Ocean was clear and fishes were flashy

Trees were tall and the walls were high


The rising sun burned in his chest

My emotions grew in the lake

When you fall in love with Goldie’s

Light was brighter and dark was darker

He used to kiss me in his mind

I used to kiss him on his face

The captain of Queen Mary failed me

We sank into ocean


He crossed me in depth of water with speed of π 

I crossed him in the sky with speed of light


We crushed together

He lost the game and I descended to lake Michigan


I added more water to lake

The water overflowed


He lost his job

He lost his name


He came to lake to sing for me

I abandoned him to see me


The rest of days I was watching him in the clouds

He is raining in my breath

He is waiting for my dream


I loved him more than “Believe”!

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